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There are 100s of mandals in India which organise padayatras to Shirdi every year. Our efforts are to collect the contact information of all.
such mandals for the benefit of the Sai devotees...
Many Sai Baba Temples across the world organize Palki Yatra of Sai Baba on all Thursdays or on important occasions like Guru Purnima or on Raam Navami. Our efforst are to collect information, pictures of such Palki Yatras for the benefit of Sai devotees..
The Experience of my first Mumbai to Shirdi Padayatra 2012, distance of almost 270 kms.
Many people have asked me as to what has been the source of your inspiration to go on a padayatra or is it that this padayatra is linked to some wish that got fulfilled but all I can say is..it was in no way linked to any wish getting fulfilled but in the year 2010, while I was at Shirdi, I saw a big group of people (padayatris) who had walked the distance of Nasik to Shirdi, a distance of almost 100 km. After that, I read about Mumbai to Shirdi padayatra online (it was a very brief article by Sai Ankita) and I became very interested in participating in one such padayatra myself at some point. Since I stayed in Hyderabad, getting in touch with padayatri mandals and groups in Mumbai was very difficult and moreover there was not much contact information about such padayatras on the internet.
       I used some websites like Fropper, indiadivine.org and also www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org to let people know of my intent to do padayatra with a hope that someone would contact me to join them for a padayatra
Tu meri padayatra mein mere saath-saath chal ke toh dekh, Main tujhe meri har padayatra mein na bulau toh kehna.

Tu mere padayatron ki seva karke toh dekh, Main teri har seva mein saath saath na rahu toh kehna.

Tu Shirdi tak meri padayatra karke toh dekh, Main tujhe prithvi ke har teerth ki yatra na karau toh kehna.

Tu meri padayatra ki ek baar seva karke toh dekh, Main teri ikhatar peedhi na talu to kehna.
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